Print to Xerox OPB Color Printers from Windows 95

Here's what you'll need

  • If you installed Windows 95 from the Microsoft CD-ROM, you will need additional printer software for the following printers: Phaser 240 (with 39 fonts), Phaser 540 Plus, and Phaser 480X.
  • If you installed Windows 95 from the Microsoft floppy diskettes, you will need additional printer software for the following printers: Phaser 140, Phaser 240 (with 39 fonts), Phaser 340, Phaser 440, Phaser 540,
    Phaser 540 Plus, and Phaser 480X.

Where to get the printer software

  • The Xerox OPB printer software is available through the Xerox OPB on-line services. See the table in this brochure for a complete listing of on-line addresses. The printer software is located in a file called WIN95.EXE. Download this file to your computer's hard disk, then type WIN95.EXE to extract the contents into a directory.

How to install the software

  1. Start Windows 95.
  2. If you do not have a PostScript printer driver for Windows 95 already installed, go back to your Microsoft Windows 95 CD-ROM or floppy diskettes and install one now. For example, install the Apple LaserWriter NT driver. The PostScript driver files must be installed in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory before you can add Xerox OPB printers.
  3. Go to the Printers window.
  4. Double-click the Add Printer button; the Add Printer Wizard window opens.
  5. Follow the prompts until you see the Manufacturers and Printers lists. Under Manufacturers select Xerox OPB. If your Xerox OPB printer is in the Printers list, select it, then click Next and go on to Step 10. If your printer is not in the Printers list, go on to Step 6.
  6. Click the Have Disk button; the Install From Disk dialog box appears.
  7. Locate the Xerox OPB printer files in one of the following places:
    • Microsoft Windows 95 CD-ROM: Click Browse. Under Folders, select drivers, then printer, then tektronx. Under File name select phaser.inf. Click OK.
    • Xerox OPB printer software diskette: Insert the Xerox OPB diskette and type the path name a:/WIN_95 (substituting the appropriate drive).
    • Files downloaded from the Xerox OPB BBS, Internet, or other on-line service: If you downloaded and extracted the WIN95.EXE file, type the path name where the software is located on your hard disk.
  8. From the Install From Disk dialog box, click OK; you should see a list of printers.
  9. Select your Xerox OPB printer in the list, then click Next.
  10. Select the port the printer is connected to, then click Next.
  11. Follow the prompts for other set up options.
  12. Click the Finish button.
  13. If prompted, select the path for the PostScript driver file ICONLIB.DLL; this should be your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.
  14. Your Xerox OPB printer should be added to the Printers window.
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