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Classroom Printing for K-12 Educators

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Requirements for Color Printing
Balancing Printing Needs with Budget Constraints

Color is a powerful learning tool, and educators know it - there's plenty of research to prove it. According to an independent study by Loyola University, color accelerates learning and recall by as much as 78%.

Color has become economically feasible, too. Now the cost of a workgroup color printer is nearly the same as a monochrome printer. Despite the fact, educators are still struggling with six requirements to justify desktop color printing:

  • Low Printer Price
  • Low Cost of Ownership/Page Cost
  • Fast Speed
  • Easy to Use
  • High Print Quality
  • Excellent Support


Classroom Print Jobs
Xerox knows the tug-of-war that educators face - how to provide quality education on a limited budget. We also know it's a challenge providing printers to a multitude of K-12 users with a diverse set of needs. Read how some schools are already using Solid Ink printers.

Whether it's the administrative needs of the principal or the creative needs of the teacher, a single printer that handles all media types becomes a do-it-all resource for spreadsheets, presentations, overheads, labels, nametags, thick card stock, posters, signs and book covers.

Other examples typical for color printing include:
  • Newsletters
  • Year Books
  • Student Projects
  • Digital Photos
  • Displays and Posters


Roadblocks to Classroom Printing

Budget constraints have led many educators to opt for ink jet printers because of their attractive purchase price. Unfortunately, as educators are now finding out, while ink jets save money in the short term, they also require frequent and expensive cartridge replacements, costly paper, long print queues and slow production. Ink jets are a common companion of home computers, but they can buckle under the pressure of a K-12 classroom setting.

Classroom Needs
Classroom Roadblocks
Low Purchase Price
Higher Price for Color Laser Printer
Color laser printer prices remain somewhat high by comparison to monochrome printers and ink jet printers.

Low Cost per Page
High Cost per Page
Cartridges need to be replaced frequently (if a cartridge contains 3 colors and runs out of 1, the entire cartridge has to be discarded). At $30 each, the cost of cartridges adds up quickly! Ink jet printers also typically require expensive paper to produce quality prints.

Fast Speed
Slow Print Speed
Color- and graphic-intensive pages on an ink jet can take several minutes to print, restricting usage. Ink jet printers require long waits and frequent trips to refill the paper tray. Time spent waiting and walking to the printer means less time studying, teaching and administering. Large print jobs cause slow turn-around and the decision to outsource or completely abandon the job!

Easy to Use
Difficult to Use
Ink jets are typically connected to only one computer, preventing multi-use on a network. Students have difficulty loading cartridges, which are both messy and toxic. Ink smears on hands and clothes. Shallow paper trays require constant refilling. Ink jets are unable to print on special media.

High Print Quality
Poor Print Quality
Except for high-end expensive models, ink jet quality is inadequate for displaying, publishing or presenting to important audiences. Colors look washed out on plain paper. Students see a compromised final product.

Excellent Support
Inadequate Support
Ink jets typically do not come with on-site service or phone support.


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