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Printing Solutions for the Classroom

Phaser Solid Ink Benefits
Educators need one do-it-all solution — an affordable network printer that handles black-and-white and steps up to the need for quality color. Fortunately, Phaser printers by Xerox step up to the task. As our customers keep telling us, weve got the best printing solution for classroom needs — the Phaser Solid Ink Color Printer. Its so advanced that it makes everyday color printing elementary. Read how schools are already using Solid Ink.

Classroom Solutions

1. Low Purchase Price
  • Solid ink printers are extremely affordable. Generally, the price of a solid ink printer is between 25% and 50% less expensive than a typical color laser.
  • You can purchase a solid ink printer for about the same price as a monochrome printer, plus get great color prints.
2. Low Cost per Page
  • Comes with a large ink reserve, with each color stick providing well over 1,000 pages of typical documents. In-house color printing just got affordable.
  • Accepts inexpensive plain paper — even recycled paper — and still prints vibrant color. A variety of other stock also can be used.

3. Fast Speed
  • Prints up to 16 ppm in color — great for color and graphic-intensive pages.
  • Speed allows students, teachers and administrators to pick up their print jobs immediately.
  • Takes up to 10 seconds to print a document from the time of command, eliminating the need to outsource high-volume print jobs.
4. Easy to Use
  • Designed for shared use and comes network-ready, with friendly printer drivers that connect to Macs or PCs.
  • Driver allows users to select trays, print resolution, paper type and other options directly from their desktop.
  • Ink sticks are simple to load and uniquely shaped, so they cant be placed in the wrong slot.
  • Ink dries instantly — no smudging!
  • Offers a deep paper tray, minimizing the need to frequently refill the paper supply.
  • Accepts virtually any type of media — labels, name tags, transparencies, thick card stock.
5. High Print Quality
  • Prints 1200 dots per inch, producing vivid color and crisp black on virtually any stock.
  • Prints never look washed out — everything from power presentations to classroom projects stand out with brilliance.
  • Produces a polished final project, a real motivator for students!
6. Excellent Support
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty, including on-site service with an option to extend.
  • Xerox offers a 1-800 technical support hotline for immediate assistance.
  • Xerox offers a free registered user program that provides helpful tools, tutorials and color templates.

Xerox Family of Solutions

While the Phaser Solid Ink Color Printers are best suited for classroom needs, Xerox offers a breadth of award-winning printing solutions — from our network black-and-white laser printers to our workgroup color printers. All are built for the diverse needs of the K-12 environment, from computer labs to administrative offices and more. If you have a printing need, Xerox has the solution.

Classroom Printing for Educators

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