Color Associations

Examples from Color Associations
Up market. High Style. Expensive. Snob-Value. Quality. GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, METALLICS, BLACK, CHOCOLATE, GREY, MAROON, NAVY BLUE
Anything used minimally with restraint. The Royal Enclouse at Ascot. BLACK, SILVER, GREY, PURPLE, BURGUNDY, OLD-LEATHER BROWN, DARK RACING GREEN
Gentle pastels. Misty. Sentimental. Caring. Loving. Spring-Like. PALE BLUES, PALE PINKS, YELLOWS, PALE GREYS, FLESH COLORS
Cool water. Dewy lawns. The scent of lime and lemon. DAFFODIL YELLOW, BRIGHT BLUE, BRIGHT GREENS OF ALL KINDS
Security. Dependability. Food that Grandmother used to make. BROWNS, ORANGES, QUIET GREENS, REDS, GOLDS, ALL EARTH COLORS

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