The Hidden Language of Color

How well do you know the hidden language of color? There is no question that colors work on a subliminal level, stimulating emotions and touching us where reason and intellect cannot. They can excite, impress, entertain and persuade. They can also create instant negative associations. By knowing a little something about the language of color, you can often stack the odds in your favor..

1. What color is normally associated with optimism, yet can often unnerve readers when used too much?

A. Light Green   B. Yellow   C. Lavender

2. Which color often stimulates the appetite?

A. Red   B. Bright Blue   C. Orange

3. What color is subliminally associated with truth?

A. Light Blue   B. White   C. Dark Green

4. What color conveys royalty and sophistication?

A. Gold   B. Royal Blue   C. Purple

5. Which color is associated with fun and cheerfulness?

A. Light Blue   B. Green   C. Orange

6. To create a high-tech image, it is effective to combine neutral grays with what types of accents?

A. Silver and gold   B. Bright colors   C. Deep reds

7. Which color is most dramatic for backgrounds?

A. Black   B. Purple   C. Gray

8. Which of the following colors is NOT a good choice for natural or environmentally themed materials?

A. Green   B. Brown   C. Yellow   D. Gray blues

9. Which color most often implies authority, financial responsibility, and security?

A. Dark Green   B. Blue   C. Blacks and grays

10. Which color would you use to imply health and tranquility? (Here's a hint: think fresh.)

A. Deep Blue   B. Yellow   C. Green

11. Earth tones with bright lime and purple accents are associated with what era?

A. The fifties   B. The sixties   C. The seventies

12. What is the most universally popular color?

A. Red   B. Blue   C. Yellow   D. Green

1:B, 2:A, 3:B, 4:C, 5:C, 6:B, 7:A, 8:C, 9:B, 10:C, 11:B, 12:B

The Hidden Language of Color

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